Saturday 31 October 2015

PMR Replacement to PT3

In 2014, issue of PT3 had been one of the common issue to be discussed in Malaysia.
Starting from the rejection of few group of teachers and parents with the new education system.
Ministry of Education later announced that PBS need to be stop and give a way to evaluate again.
In April 2014, it was announced that the modulation of PMR had been made and changed to PT3 suddenly in a short of time.

Amidst the format of PT3 not yet released, mean while the performance were expected to be done on October 2014

Then later on, the Ministry of Education released the formats and sample questions of PT3 papers started from June and July. Selected teachers were also chosen and prepared to send for courses of PT3.
So without fully knowledge, lack of teaching materials and ideas, the PT3 examinations took place and the result were announced on December 2014.

The purpose of PT3 are it will be less burden to students because PT3 are not centralized on examination only for PT3 students. Other than that, PT3 also are introduced to improve the interpersonal skills in every student.

  • Students are trained to develop soft skills like communication
  • In this system, teacher also will focused more on character building on each student.
  • Teacher also enable to know their student’s ability rather than the examiner.
  • It also will improve student’s performance more better day by day
  • This helps students to alleviate the school drop-out rates
  • Next, it are sustaining the student’s interest during class and not stressful on exam

  • Student unable to fulfill the requirements of the exams
  • Teachers are not properly trained for this system
  • The sudden changes of PT3 downgraded the Malaysian education standard.
  • The grading system are also unfair because the teacher are the one that giving the marks to student.
  • Insufficient information regarding the project
  • Grading method of PT3 are not standardized

    • Students should be place according to their interest and capability.
  • It also should move towards more holistic education system
  • Exams also should not must aimed on getting straight A score in exam.