Tuesday 22 December 2015

STPM is a pre-university examination taken by students in Malaysia. STPM is one of the two major pre-university systems for admission to Malaysian public universities. Students technically may apply for admission to degree-level courses with a variety of pre-university examinations considered equivalent with STPM, including A-level.

How SPM Is Conducted?

The existing examination is conducted based on one and a half years of form six studies, comprising the lower six and upper six form. In 2012,the examination will be conducted in two modes. The first mode is for students who are currently in upper six form and will be under the existing examination system. The second mode is for lower six form students in 2012 who will be the first cohort for the new assessment system. They will take the first term examination in November 2012.In the new system, the duration of form six studies is similar to the present system. The allocation of teaching period remains the same. The curriculum is divided into three parts based on topic areas.

Advantages Of STPM

  • Ø  Through the new system:
  • Ø  Students will have a lesser curriculum load to study
  • Ø  More opportunities to obtain better results.
  • Ø  The introduction of SBA is in line with the aspiration of the Education Ministry to develop human capital.
  • Ø  Consistent with the minister' s vision to strengthen and make the assessment and evaluation system more holistic, with an emphasis on outcome based education that focuses more on students
  • Ø  Less exam oriented

Disadvantages of STPM?

  • Ø  The grading system
  • Ø  Difficulties in pursuing studies in public universities even when the CGPA are high

Ways To Improve STPM

The grading system should be modified and increase the CGPA marks. The government should provide more qualified teacher and high level thinking teacher to teach STPM students.

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